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Brass Tripod Telescope by H.Hughes and Son - 59 Fenchurch St. London
Numbered 1824 with wood case and mahogany legs on the tripod.


Numbered 1824 telescope in excellent condition, comes with wood case.

Comes with three eyepieces: a regular, a celestial lens and a 45 degree angle lens.

Dimensions: main tube 42 inches long x 3 inch diameter. 59 inches long fully extended.

Overall height is 63 1/2 inches, the tripod is 46 inches high.

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Nikon Japanese Big Eye 20x120 Binoculars
On Bausch and Lomb Tripod

An exceptionally beautifully polished set of Nikon Binoculars of top quality, set on a nickel polished tripod. Labeled 20 x 3 degree vision, this 20 x 120 optical instrument is circa 1940 and was previously painted with a drab military grey that has been stripped and polished, along with a fine quality Bausch and Lomb Tripod. The quality of the 120mm lens, and the 20x magnification power make this not only a beautiful artifact, but an excellent instrument for contemporary use.

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Ross 10x80 British Admiralty Binoculars

This fine quality British Admiralty instrument was recently fully polished and cleaned, and is in excellent functioning condition. Dated 1942, and with the Broad Arrow admiralty mark, they were undoubtedly put into World War II service. The metal tripod stand is polished as well, and is a very adaptable way to show and use this instrument in a home setting, whereas onboard a ship they would have been stationary mounted to an observation platform rail. A top quality optical instrument of the 20th Century.

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British Brass Bell with Wall Bracket and Lanyard
Crown Proof ER with scc 2/55

Quality heavy brass bell with excise mark of Queen Elizabeth, dated 2/55. Yoked to its original heavy brass wall plaque, and the iron clapper has a fine quality braided lanyard to let it ring. Excellent, loud clear sound from this mid-20th Century artifact bell.
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Early American Backstaff, Dated 1762
Attributed to Benjamin King, Newport, Rhode Island

An extremely rare and excellently preserved navigation instrument dated 1762, this backstaff, or Davis Quadrant, is attributed to maker Benjamin King of Newport, Rhode Island. It is impact stencil signed with his name, with an exceptional array of degree scales on each arc, including a Gunters Scale on the verso, quite rare and desirable on such a navigation instrument.

Dimensions: 25 5/8 inches long x 15 1/4 inches high x 5/8 inch deep.

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Rosewood Gimballed Marine Barometer by Francis M. Walker - London


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