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Admiral in Full Dress Uniform
Antique Figurehead

An exceptional and rare Naval carved figurehead, this representation is believe to be of a European Admiral, quite possibly Italian, of the late 18th Century, with proper uniform details and proudly wearing a version of the Maltese Cross. The figurehead would have been the lead element of the prominent bow and forecastle of a vessel named for the admiral.

No objects evoke such immediate and romantic images of the sea as a figurehead from a sailing ship. The art of the mariner is best expressed in these silent and very prized artifacts. These bow decorations are of great importance not only by virtue of their form, attire and artistic merit, but by their significant historical value as well.

We can’t overstate just how rare a quality carved figurehead of a naval warship is in any collection. This example holds fine workmanship with the handsome features, excellent scale and human presence portrayed by a master carver. Small swaths of original paint remain, and the Maltese Cross on the uniform would have been gilded with enamel. From the positioning of the mounting holes, it would have been posted on an up-swept forecastle, and stood forward and straight. Whether the Admiral is Italian or of another nationality, it is definitely from his of his period and design.

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American Lady Figurehead

More Information to Follow

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Bronze Mortar by HG Cordes
19th Century German Cannon

This heavy brass mortar, set on its wooden truck and iron wheels, is an artillery artifact that would have been capable of saving or taking lives. Classified a life-saving line throwing device, the 80 kalibre barrel (3⅛ inch bore) would have made for a devastating close range cannon. The rather unique shape of the barrel, with heavy reducing reinforces tapering down to the muzzle would have used and withstood a significant amount of black powder to hurl a lifeline to those in need.

The cannon most likely saw a multiple purpose use, possibly as a signaling device and saluting cannon. Cast by a premier artillery maker of Germania, H.G. Cordes of Wesermünde, circa 1860, one of the 19th Century’s leading innovators of whaling guns and harpoons as well. This bronze barrel measures 23½ inches in length with a 3⅛ inch bore centered in the 5⅜ inch muzzle diameter. The trunnions are 3 inch diameter solid cast as well. The carriage measures 29½ inches and was a pair of iron wheels to maneuver. It also has its original wood barrel plug, with bronze loop. A very rare and strikingly different looking cannon.

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Bronze Whaling Gun by Pierce and Eggers
Heavy Arctic Whaling Shoulder Gun and Bomb Lance

Rare American Cast Bronze Bomb Lance Shoulder Whaling Gun and Projectile.
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Desco US Navy Mark V Dive Helmet with Morse Plaque
Serial No. 4009


This unique helmet maintains its original tin coating. The original Desco plaque was replaced with a Morse Plaque but the serial number is correct and it is otherwise complete.

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Draeger Dive Helmet, DM40 No. 3247
Three Bolt, Four Light

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