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Admiral in Full Dress Uniform
Antique Figurehead


An exceptional and rare Naval carved figurehead, this representation is believe to be of a European Admiral, quite possibly Italian, of the late 18th Century, with proper uniform details and proudly wearing a version of the Maltese Cross. The figurehead would have been the lead element of the prominent bow and forecastle of a vessel named for the admiral.

No objects evoke such immediate and romantic images of the sea as a figurehead from a sailing ship. The art of the mariner is best expressed in these silent and very prized artifacts. These bow decorations are of great importance not only by virtue of their form, attire and artistic merit, but by their significant historical value as well.

We can’t overstate just how rare a quality carved figurehead of a naval warship is in any collection. This example holds fine workmanship with the handsome features, excellent scale and human presence portrayed by a master carver. Small swaths of original paint remain, and the Maltese Cross on the uniform would have been gilded with enamel. From the positioning of the mounting holes, it would have been posted on an up-swept forecastle, and stood forward and straight. Whether the Admiral is Italian or of another nationality, it is definitely from his of his period and design.

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Brass Railgun Post Cannon
Unique 10-Gauge 18 inch Barrel


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Cased French Dueling Pistols by Lepage Moutier of Paris
Mid-19th Century Rifled Percussion Pistols with Ebony Stocks

Classic pair of cased percussion pistols in excellent condition, with bolted front action locks, finely scroll engraved, and with the maker's name on the octagonal barrels, Lepage Moutier of Paris. The stocks are deep ebony, floral carved in a classic French style, and the metal is polished bright with a deep hue to the bluing. Stocks are both numbered '4610'. The pair of pistols are cased in a rosewood veneer box lined with burgundy velvet with accessories.

The artisan touches to this fine pair of cased percussion pistols by the renown French “arquebusier”, Le Page-Moutier makes it easy to realize that this company was a favorite of royal and imperial clientele, the Parisian Expos, and a favorite firearms manufacturer to authors throughout France, immortalizing the company in their works, including Honore Balzac and Alexandre Dumas.

Set in its original Rosewood veneer case with all the accessories, the pistols stand apart with the quality of their manufacture and embellishment. The bolted front action locks are finely engraved, and the octagonal barrels are engraved with the French company’s identification. Carved ebony stocks in a classic manner are complete with floral details. Founded in 1717 by Louis Pigny, and inherited by his nephew by marriage, Pierre Le Page in 1743, eventually the name changed from Le Page to LePage-Moutier in 1842 when Louis Moutier married into the family; and then famously as Fauré Le Page in 1865, with the ascension of Emile Henry Fauré Le Page.

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Draeger Dive Helmet, DM40 No. 3247
Three Bolt, Four Light

A mid-20th Century Diving Helmet from the Draeger Company of West Germany, they are still among the world leaders in diving apparatus, and other fields requiring respiration devices. This classic diving lid is very clean and polished, despite its obvious heavy use. It has the top-mounted carrying handle that Draeger added to their lids from the beginning in the late 19th Century.

The company emblem is pressed in the front breastplate, and the helmet fixtures include the telephone connection, air intake and air exhaust.

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English Flintlock Brass Barrel Railgun Blunderbuss
From Tower of London with King George III Cypher

A rare-type brass barrel set in hard English oak, this Blunderbuss Swivel Railgun carries Birmingham proof marks, and has the Tower of London symbol and the royal cypher of King George III on the lockplate. The 25 inch brass barrel flares at the muzzleto slightly more than 3 inches, and a heavy brass butt plate terminates the stock. The Tower Armory record for the period lists a reserve weapons inventory that counted "2,000 musquetoons", which counted smaller blunderbuss, dragoons, and railguns.

The weapon would have been issued to a naval vessel, and installed to hold a prominent guard position on the rail, either along the main deck or possibly even stationed overhead on a fighting platform. The firearm is secured on an original iron yoke, set into a display wood block. This is an exceptional firearm with an imposing presence and deadly function.

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Extremely Heavy Gauge Brass and Copper Channel Light
In Excellent Condition, Lacquered

A solid navigation aid, this channel light buoy is of heavy construction with a once-wired electric port. A cast glass Fresnel-style lens sits within, and heavy glass outer panes protect the center light.

This light came to us from a source without a record of its original location, but we strongly believe it was used on the American Southeast Coast. We've coated it with a lacquer to keep it with its polished glow. With some stamped index numbers extent on the metal.

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