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A Collection of Exceptional Woolwork Pictures Individually For Sale
The Sammis Family Collection of Sailors Wools, Scroll Down For Details For Each Artwork

An outstanding collection of woolwork pictures, assembled over years by Lee and Joan Sammis of Newport Beach. This collection of more than 75 works was the centerpiece of their extensive array of antiques and collectibles in their home. Today, we have 39 (and counting down) of these quality embroidered artworks available.

Each work is sold individually; prices and additional details are available by email request. Please include the title of the artwork and the number (01-51) in your inquiries.

British Sailing Warship Dropping Anchors, Sammis Woolwork 01 See Details

British Brig, Boats with Lanteen Rigs, Lighthouse, Sammis Woolwork 02 See Details

HMS WARRIOR, Woolwork Warship Portrait, Sammis Woolwork 03 See Details

British Steam/Sail Warship off Castle Headland, Sammis Woolwork 04 See Details

Frigate Approaches Breakwater Fort, Sammis Woolwork 05 See Details

British Frigate and Squadron of Five, Sammis Woolwork 06 SOLD

British Man-Of-War with Ceremonial Flag Array, Samiis Woolwork 07 SOLD

Three Masted British Schooner and Lighthouse, Sammis Woolwork 08 SOLD

Forget-Me-Not, British Ship and Flags, Sammis Woolwork 09 See Details

English Sailing Ship at Sea, Sammis Woolwork 10 See Details

Ship Portrait with Crown and Flags, Sammis Woolwork 11, See Details

English Sailing Ship Under a Bright Blue Sky, Sammis Woolwork 12 See Details

Dutch Warship Off the Shore, with a Windmill, Sammis Woolwork 13 See Details

British Ship ICU, Light and Schooner, Sammis Woolwork 14 SOLD

English Ship ROBERT Along a Coastline Village, Sammis Woolwork 15 SOLD

British Merchant Ship VICTORIA, Sammis Woolwork 16 See Details

First-Rate British Warship, Sammis Woolwork 17 SOLD

British Barque FREDRICK and Steam Pilot EDITH, Sammis Woolwork 18 SOLD

Cunard Mail Steamer CHINA Bound for America, Sammis Woolwork 19 See Details

Schooner and Warship, Sammis Woolwork 20 SOLD

Sailing Warship Squadron of the British Navy, Sammis Woolwork 21 SOLD

British Frigate with Flags, Rose and Thistle, Sammis Woolwork 22 See Details

British Blue Squadron Sailing Frigate of War, Sammis Woolwork 23 See Details

British Frigate with White Puffy Sails, Sammis Woolwork 24 SOLD

Portrait of an English Third-Rate Warship, Sammis Woolwork 25 See Details

British Warship and Two Escort Ships, Sammis Woolwork 26 See Details

British Steam/Sail Warship Dressed with Flags, Sammis Woolwork 27 See Details

Woolwork Badge of the Prince of Wales, Sammis Woolwork 28 See Details

English Frigate Flying White Squadron Pennant, Sammis Woolwork 29 See Details

Folkart of an Armed Steam-Sail Merchant Ship, Sammis Woolwork 30 See Details

Langashire Fusiliers, RH Welsford, Sammis Woolwork 31 See Details

Portrait of HMS ACINCOURT, British Warship, Sammis Woolwork 32 See Details

English Warship with Red Ensign, Escort Vessel, Sammis Woolwork 33 See Details

Frigate of the British White Squadron, Sammis Woolwork 34 See Details

British Sailing Ship Underway, Sammis Woolwork 35 See Details

Ship BACCHANTE, Sammis Woolwork 36 See Details

British Ship in Rolling Ocean Waves, Sammis Woolowrk 37 See Details

British Frigate Sailing in the Scottish Hills, Sammis Woolwork 39 See Details

WOODLANDS, Ship with Flags, Four Vessels, Sammis Woolwork 40 See Details

British Ship of the Royal Mail Lines Ltd, Sammis Woolwork 42 See Details

United States Army Transport Underway, Sammis Silkwork 43 See Details

The Sailor's Farewell, Sammis Silkwork 44 See Details

USS SARATOGA, Silkwork Portrait, Sammis Silkwork 45 See Details

Whitestar Passenger Liner of 1910, Sammis Woolwork 46 SOLD

British Ship on a Green Sea, Sammis Woolwork 47 See Details

English Sailing Ship with Red Spars, Sammis Woolwork 48 See Details

European Street Scene with People in Windows, Sammis Woolwork 49 See Details

British Ship, Castle Fort and Pilot Ship, Sammis Woolwork 50 See Details

British Warship Sails Past Lighthouse, Seagulls, Sammis Woolwork 51 See Details

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Amereican, Scrimshaw Sewing Chest with Bone Inserts
William Boylhart Collection Lot 180

Retains its original finish and hand painted floral design and stripping.

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AUSTRALASIAN Off South Sydney Heads
Sailors Wool Work of the Ship

Proud Liner of the Aberdeen White Star Line, AUSTRALASIAN carried emigrants and first-class passengers to Australia and the Southern Orient in the late 1880s & 1890s. This colorful period woolwork picture depicts the steaming vessel near “South Sydney Heads” with its prominent lighthouse, with a man working the signal tower flag. Several sailors and passengers are shown onboard the ship as well. Sydney Heads was the site of the first ‘forced landing’ of British passengers, some 750 convicts, in 1788.

Possessing attributes which make the artwork highly desirable and different from most surviving examples of these fine works, the puffed sails are extremely nice to have. Signed works of this nature are very rare, and the embroidered title and known headlands are a plus. The scenes detailed look at the cliffs, and the nautical activity at sea and shore add value, too.

The ship flies the British Red Ensign, and was built in 1884 by Robert Napier of Glasgow for the Aberdeen Line. Her steam/sail rig provided versatility while she demanded a substantial amount of coal fuel, now that stations along the route were being stocked for the Southern Hemisphere voyages.

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Floral Arrangement with Sailing Ship
Victorian Shell Work

Nice vertical shellwork arrangement to replicate floral pieces with marine shells, set on a base within a period glass dome. There is a single masted sloop in the center of the base, with a solitary crossed spar on the mast.
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Sailors Woolwork Picture of a British Frigate

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Trinity House Box, British Steam-Sail Ship With Lighthouse Off The Bow

Replaced shelf inside. Crushed blue velvet lined.

Trinity House was the name for the light house service in Great Britain. These exquisite boxes were made circa 1850- 1880 by the keepers of the lighthouses and lightships while they were on station. They are delicately inlaid with several types of wood and usually feature accurate pictures of vessels from the period. They were marketed directly to the sailing captains and owners of the ships they aided. Fine inlaid woodwork is a telltale attribute of their learned craft, with parquetry and marquetry examples in existence. The Trinity House Box, for letter writing, sewing, and tea storage are very desired.

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